Documents to be provided

These documents will be requested by email once the form has been completed and paid for, in response to the order confirmation. The documents must be legible, so that they can be compared to your manually entered data. Minors must provide the same documents as adults.

Once the form has been completed, please send these documents to the following address specifying the tracking number of your file, which you will receive in the confirmation email.

Traveller's passport

A color scan of the main page of the passport.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Cameroon. The passport cannot be an emergency green passport, diplomatic or service passport.

Please provide a clear color copy.


A copy of the reservation confirmation for a round trip flight between the travelers' country of origin and an airport in Cameroon, even if it includes transits.


A hotel reservation for the planned length of stay, or a legalized accommodation certificate issued by the person who will be lodging the visitor.


A copy of the yellow fever vaccination certificate for each traveler.

Proof of address

Proof of residence for each traveler in his or her country of origin, which must include the name of the traveler. For minors or people staying in accommodation, provide a certificate of accommodation.

Birth certificate

Birth certificate or family record book for all travelers in the application, regardless of the age of the document.

Old visa

If travelers have already visited Cameroon, provide a copy of theprevious visa, either electronic or physical (in the passport).

But also...

  • In the case of a business trip: the mission order, the summons or the invitation received by the company in Cameroon
  • In the case of a study trip: the letter from the organization inviting the student
  • Within the framework of a humanitarian voyage: the letter of invitation nominative of the organization NGO and its registration